An introduction to vaping

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the act of inhaling an electronic cigarette, also referred to as a vaporiser, and those that vape are known as vapers. It is classified as Tobacco Harm Reduction, along with other forms such as smokeless Snus. 

It mimics the act of smoking and offers a less harmful means of enjoying flavours, with or without nicotine. There’s no combustion, and unlike smoking there’s very little odour, certainly no nasty burning tobacco smell. Second-hand vapour, an actual aerosol, has proven to be harmless too.

Safety and Nicotine

It is a proven fact of science that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. Why? Primarily because there’s no combustion. In regards to vaping nicotine, reputable members of science and medicine equate its level of harm to that of drinking coffee.

How Vaping Works

Vaping is possible due to three major hardware items plus the e-liquid. A Battery or Power Supply Unit, an Atomiser or Coil, and the Tank they reside in. An atomiser, most commonly known as a coil, is a type of heating element that is powered by the battery.

When the battery is activated, it heats the atomiser- coil which is attached to a wick, commonly made from organic cotton. This is what produces the aerosol, commonly called vapour. 

Irrespective of the e-cigarettes size, shape or style, they all operate in the same manner, sharing the same principals.

Basic e-cig Battery
Atomiser Coil showing Cotton Wick
Coil Inside Tank

Types of e-cigarettes or vaporisers

Today, the most common designs are Pod Systems, AIO or All In Ones, Stick Mods- (AKA Pen Mods or Tube Mods) and more advanced Mods. Mods are generally the power supply unit only, so users purchase matching or compatible tanks based on the desired style and power-wattage requirements. 

However, many Mods come in a kit form with matching or suitable tanks.

Atomisers - Coils

Replaceable-disposable coils are the heart of the tank system, being a built in or removable type, and are the most common form of atomiser. They tend to last about a week or two. However, there are factors that will determine the lifespan such as type, e-liquid & viscosity, wattage used and frequency of vape.  

Coils, more than any other part of the vaporiser, govern overall performance and thus the level of  vapour, flavour and overall satisfaction.

Refillable Tanks

The overwhelming majority of today’s e-cigs offer refillable tanks, and as such we can control the contents of our e-liquid, reducing or eliminating cancer-causing carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes. To get to know Tanks and Coils better, please see a detailed look on The Vapers Table website – An Introduction to Tanks and Coils

Features - Performance

Many of today’s vaporisers offer longer life batteries, an array of safety features, and the ability to adjust the power output level, or wattage. This does not apply to all styles, as the wattage is sometimes at a fixed setting; this is fairly common with Pod systems and AIO’s.

Many of today’s beginner devices, such as the AIO’s, have only a single fire button, yet, are sufficiently powerful to assist with transitioning, or switching from smoking to vaping. 

Vaping 101 Video

A simple to follow introduction to vaping from New Amsterdam Vape on YouTube. However, many of their videos are for more advanced users. 

As complex or confusing as all of this may sound, when I meet with smokers, it generally takes them just a few minutes to comprehend the necessary basics.  Like anything, fine tuning to your satisfaction may take a little practice.

A quality All In One beginner starter kit, including extra coils and e-liquid, can be purchased for around the $70 mark, perhaps even a little less. A decent Mod kit generally costs a tad more, but still under the $100 mark.

I hope that all smokers discover the health and financial benefits of switching to vaping.  

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