Is it time to stop using the name electronic cigarette?

Is this a sensible or viable suggestion?

Just last week I attended a meeting with a number of well respected THR advocates discussing plans for 2019, and how best to move forward. One of the topics was the use of the term electronic cigarettes or e-cigarette, commonly used to describe a product that has enabled millions worldwide to quit smoking. 

One would think that irrespective that it has the word cigarette in it, and any negative thoughts one may have toward smoking, that given its success and the ability to save countless lives, it would be warmly embraced.

No such luck, and particularly so if you happen to have an agenda.

ATHRA recently posted a blog on this very subject, so I felt the NNA should weigh in. Whilst we agree that there’s justification in dropping the term and replacing it with vape or vaporiser, this may take time to catch on, or possibly never happen. The general public is certainly more familiar with “e-cigarette”.

There’s no denying that the term e-cigarette leads many to an association with smoking, and this really is the issue here. Some feel we’re associating a far safer product with one that kills 7 million people a year. As I ponder this, I really wonder why the industry didn’t see it coming. The misguided negativity, and at times, blatant disparaging toward a technology that will, and already has, saved many, many lives.

So, do we drop the word e-cigarette, and start using vape or vaporiser? Many already have, particularly vapers. It really does seem to be the most logical alternative. Let’s face it, ENDS, or electronic nicotine delivery system is a tad too scientific, not sexy, and certainly quite a mouthful.

For the time being at least, the NNA site will use both. 

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