NYU Scientist Puts ‘Gateway Theory’ to Rest

From the Regulator Watch Channel.

Where’s the evidence? It’s a simple question asked by vapers (in rare unanimity,) while suffocating under an endless torrent of inflated and distorted harms promulgated to malign vaping. At times the charges hurled from academia, public health and non-profit pressure groups appear to almost border on malevolence. And for many vapers, the strain is becoming too much the bear.

In this special edition of RegWatch see our full-length interview with Dr. Raymond Niaura, Interim Chair of the Department of Epidemiology and Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences at NYU College of Global Public Health, and hear his full analysis of U.S. teen vaping and smoking rates; get an insiders perspective on Truth Initiative and learn what the anti-vaping pressure group knows about nicotine; and learn why Dr. Niaura believes the research on vaping as a gateway-to-smoking is a “dead-end”.

It’s time for evidence!

It's a theory full of skewed and misleading data

Regulator Watch have a number of great videos, so it’s worthwhile heading over to their channel to take a look –

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