Smokers cop a 12.5% tax increase on cigarettes

The taxman is going to punish you for your addiction

Australia has the highest priced cigarettes in the world. From 1 September 2018, the tobacco tax will rise again by 12.5% and again on 1 September 2019. And again on 1 September 2020.

In spite of this, smoking rates in Australia stalled from 2013-2016 and are increasing in NSW. Many addicted smokers just can’t quit, no matter what the cost.

High tobacco prices are causing

  • Financial hardship for smokers
  • Social injustice. A 20 pack-a-day smoker on Newstart spends 68% of their income on tobacco
  • Tobacco smuggling and illicit crops by organised crime groups and robberies of small businesses

Fortunately, there are safer and cheaper alternatives, such as vaping.

Athra, Legalise Vaping and the NNA AU are working to amend current restrictions on nicotine. Regulations impose unjust obstacles on those wishing to utilise nicotine to help them switch to a healthier option.

Yet, Government appears to be fine with allowing high-priced cigarettes on every street corner.

It’s not my intention to make this about vaping. I set out to express my concerns at how once again, the disadvantaged in particular, are the ones that suffer the most.

We’re all aware that life isn’t fair, but when a tax increase is implemented on cigarettes, the feds should consider utilising those funds more wisely.  Perhaps to bring awareness to healthier alternatives?

I have thoughts…

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