Vapetember is a campaign to alert smokers to an alternative to paying tobacco taxes & to the expense of smoking. This campaign runs during September, when the yearly 12.5% tobacco tax increase kicks in. The government has decided the tax on cigarettes will rise each year until 2020. There is no guarantee it will stop then. Our pollies might extend those laws in 2020.

We’ve Been There

As someone who smoked for 29 years, I appreciate how expensive smoking can be! But don’t despair, there is an alternative.

Over four years ago now, I switched to vaping (using an electronic cigarette) and quit the (eye watering) tobacco taxes with the first puff of flavoured vapour. You can too!

This is what some other Australians had to say about the cost savings of switching to vaping:

I was a smoker from the age of 14. By the time I quit smoking in 2012, I had smoked for 34 years and had increased the number of cigarettes I smoked per day from as few as 5 in my very early smoking years to over 50 cigarettes a day. My partner also smoked and at the time we quit smoking, our tobacco consumption came at a cost of over $1000 per month.

Through good fortune, it happened that we were visiting friends for a weekend away, where a person was using an electronic cigarette, and I had the opportunity to try it for myself. …

At 51 years of age, I have returned to full time university study and I receive income support of $445 per fortnight through Austudy. As you can imagine, this would not be possible if I still smoked. Vaping costs me less than $100 per year.

Annie: mother, student, Australian, ex-smoker.

Both of my parents smoked. As I went through my teenage years I tried smoking and I liked it. By the time I was 18 I was a pack a day smoker. I never really considered why or why I should not. During my 20’s I started to question this. I started to accept the health risks of smoking and also the cost was getting too much. …

Many years went by and cigarettes got more costly to a point I really could not afford them. But I kept smoking. Then one day by pure chance I saw someone I knew with this strange looking device that he was puffing on. I stopped to ask him about it. Whilst he did not give me enough information at that time I knew I had to look more into it.

I looked up E‑cigarettes on the web and found out what I could about it. I knew it could be my answer.

Colin, ex-smoker from Victoria.

Tune in to the #Vapetember tags on Twitter and Facebook for a new testimonial on the financial advantages of a switch to vaping, on each day of September.

How To Switch

For more information on switching from smoking to vaping, we recommend an introduction to vaping and a guide to starter or beginner e‑cigarettes.

Vapetrotter provides locations of vape shops in your area. The staff in vape shops are usually former smokers and are a great source of advice on everything vaping. Be sure to ask if they have any Vapetember recommendations!

The Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association also has helpful resources on getting started with vaping and made this animated infographic that underlines some of the advantages of a #Switch2Vaping.

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