HELLVAPE Dead Rabbit V3 RDA Drip Tip


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HELLVAPE DEAD RABBIT V3 DRIP TIP is a high quality and very durable Ag+ anti-bacterial resin mouthpiece, and is the direct replacement part as fitted standard on each DR V3 RDA.

    Additionally, the Dead Rabbit V3 RDA drip tip will fit almost all other Tanks, RTA's, RDTA's and RDA's designed for 810 size, so long as the sealing o-ring is located within the receiving tank top cap eg Goon Style. If the sealing o-rings are located on the lower section of the actual drip tip, the Dead Rabbit V3 design will not suit your application.

    What is Ag+ and how does it work destroying bacteria on the Drip Tip?
      Silver ion (Ag+) is commonly used in chopping boards, electric shavers (an example is Philips), toothbrush and water dispensers, and it lasts a lifetime.  Silver (Ag), a broad-spectrum anti-microbial that is only effective in its ionic form. Attracted to sites on bacterial cell walls, it accumulates and then enters the cell, where it damages the DNA, denatures proteins and enzymes, and interferes with protein synthesis. The cell wall becomes porous and the contents leak out, leading to cell death.

        Hellvape is the very first company to introduce the Ag+ technology applied to the drip tip, to prevent and destroy bacteria entering your body by oral (mouth) route providing you with a safer vaping experience.

        • Main Features & Specifications
          • Original Replacement Part for Dead Rabbit V3 RDA
          • High Quality
          • Anti Bacterial AG+ Resin
          • Smooth Comfortable Design
          • Universal 810B Size (Hellvape/Goon/Kennedy) Fitment
          • Dimensions
            • Width:
              • Base: 
              • Tip: 
            • Height: 


          • Contents List
            • 1 x Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA Drip Tip
            • 1 x Acrylic Storage Container
            • (tank pictured not included, for visual identification purposes only)