HELLVAPE Helheim RDTA Drip Tip


$8.00 $10.00
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HELLVAPE HELHEIM RDTA DRIP TIP is a high quality and very durable heat resistant delrin mouthpiece, and is the direct replacement part as fitted standard on each Helheim RDTA.

    Additionally, the Helheim RDTA drip tip will fit almost all other Tanks, RTA's, RDTA's and RDA's designed for 810 size, so long as the sealing o-ring is located within the receiving tank top cap eg Goon Style. If the sealing o-rings are located on the lower section of the actual drip tip, the Helheim RDTA design will not suit your application.

      • Main Features & Specifications
        • Direct Authentic Replacement for Helheim RDTA
        • High Quality
        • Heat Resistant Delrin
        • Smooth Comfortable Design
        • Universal 810B Size (Hellvape/Goon/Kennedy) Fitment
        • Dimensions
          • Width:
            • Base: 
            • Tip: 
          • Height: 


        • Contents List
          • 1 x Hellvape Helheim RDTA Drip Tip
          • 1 x Acrylic Storage Container
          • (tank pictured not included, for visual identification purposes only)