HELLVAPE Helheim S RDTA Drip Tip


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HELLVAPE HELHEIM S RDTA DRIP TIP is a high quality and very durable heat resistant delrin mouthpiece, and is the direct replacement part as fitted standard on each Helheim S RDTA.

    Additionally, the Helheim S RDTA drip tip will fit almost all other Tanks, RTA's, RDTA's and RDA's designed for 810 size, so long as the sealing o-ring is located within the receiving tank top cap eg Goon Style. If the sealing o-rings are located on the lower section of the actual drip tip, the Helheim S RDTA design will not suit your application.

      • Main Features & Specifications
        • Direct Authentic Replacement for Helheim S RDTA
        • High Quality
        • Heat Resistant Delrin
        • Smooth Comfortable Design
        • Universal 810B Size (Hellvape/Goon/Kennedy) Fitment
        • Dimensions
          • Width:
            • Base: 
            • Tip: 
          • Height: 


        • Contents List
          • 1 x Hellvape Helheim S RDTA Drip Tip
          • 1 x Acrylic Storage Container
          • (tank pictured not included, for visual identification purposes only)