PilotVape Cloud Wicking Cotton


SKU: 7025122040160001


PILOTVAPE CLOUD WICKING COTTON is a medical grade 100% pure organic product. PilotVape Cloud is a super absorbent cotton with an impeccable clean taste that truly delivers full flavour, suitable for both traditional and mesh wire applications. This cotton will surprise you, and represents outstanding value for money whilst punching way above other  more very well known 'Brand' name options available in the marketplace today.




  • Main Features & Specifications
    • 100% pure organic cotton
    • High heat resistance to burning
    • Unbleached & pesticide free
    • Odourless
    • Low taste retention
    • Easy to wick, strong long cotton fibres
    • Ready to use, no "break-in period" required
    • 100% tasteless wick
    • No boiling needed
    • Very absorbment
    • User-friendly re-sealing travel-size package

  • Contents List
    • 10g x PilotVape Cloud wicking cotton strips