Wirice Launcher Drip Tip


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THE WIRICE LAUNCHER DRIP TIP is specifically designed for the tank of the same name, although is suited to all other tanks requiring a 810A (with o-ring/s on tip) size.

 The Launcher 810A drip tip is a much slimmer size to most other drip tips and well suited to those wanting a smaller more traditional feel. Moreover, they are the perfect accessory option and improve comfort to your lips and look of your tank/setup, they'll certainly give your Launcher or other suitable tank a unique and individual look.

  • Specifications
    • Original Replacement Part for Wirice Launcher Tank
    • Material:
      • Ag+ Anti Bacterial Resin
    • Pattern:
      • Random Swirl
    • Anti Spit Back Guard:
      • No
    • Compatibility:
      • Wirice Launcher
      • Other 810 tanks
        • O-Ring Located on Drip Tip
    • Dimensions:
      • Height:
        • Delrin Black: 6mm (came with tank)
        • Resin (Various Colours): 9mm (3mm taller)
      • Bore: 7.5mm
      • OD: 14mm


    • Contents List
      • 1 x Drip Tip
      • (tank pictured not included, for visual identification purposes only)
    Important Warning
      • Thoroughly clean tank components in warm water, including the removal of associated seals and O-rings.
      • Always replace the coil head when replacing the tank glass due to the possibility of fine glass fragments in the existing used coil head. Failure to do so may cause these fine glass fragments to be inhaled to your lungs.

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