Brand | Golisi

Brand | Golisi

TUV Certified

    TÜV Rheinland confirms our claim for our G25, G30, L35 as well as S26 and S30 batteries. In a process lasting more than a year, it is confirmed that Golisi batteries work according to the specifications and provide you with reliable support.
    The specified performance is extensively checked and tested in numerous investigations and tests on the current output and capacity. The batteries from Golisi also had to show in endurance and drop tests, for example, that they are safe and simply have more to offer. The manufacturing process was also examined and tested as part of various factory tours and assessments of their production facilities.
    Regular monitoring of production is a key part of this.

      More Features

        With additional features, Golisi ensures that Golisi rechargeable batteries meet the highest safety standards. An optimized temperature resistance means that Golisi batteries do not get too warm, even at performance peaks. Realistic information on the performance of our batteries protects against false information and provides additional security with any buffer upwards.
        All Golisi batteries are equipped with a particularly thick and durable shrink tube. Especially with daily use, the shrink tube protects against wear and tear and thus supports long-lasting use. A Golisi battery is no bigger than a comparable battery.
        • Golisi 18650 G25 Gold Series 2500Mah 25A Battery
          GOLISI 18650 G25 Gold Series 2500mAh 25A Battery $12.50 $8.75 SALE
        • Golisi 18650 G30 Gold Series 3000Mah 25A Battery
          GOLISI 18650 G30 Gold Series 3000mAh 25A Battery $15.00 $10.50 SALE
        • Golisi 18650 S30 Pro Series 3000Mah 35A Battery
          GOLISI 18650 S30 Pro Series 3000mAh 35A Battery $20.00 $14.00 SALE
        • Golisi 21700 S35 Pro Series 3750Mah 40A Battery
          GOLISI 21700 S35 Pro Series 3750mAh 40A Battery Out of stock SALE
        • Golisi 26650 S43 Gold Series 4300Mah 35A Battery
          GOLISI 26650 S43 Gold Series 4300mAh 35A Battery $25.00 $17.50 SALE
        • Golisi Needle-1 Battery Charger
          Golisi Needle 1 Battery Charger $15.00 $9.50 SALE
        • Golisi Needle-2 Battery Charger
          Golisi Needle 2 Battery Charger $17.50 $12.25 SALE
        • Golisi O2 Battery Charger
          Golisi O2 Battery Charger $35.00 $24.50 SALE
        • Golisi O4 Battery Charger
          Golisi O4 Battery Charger $45.00 $31.50 SALE
        • Golisi S2 Battery Charger
          Golisi S2 Battery Charger $46.50 $29.50 SALE
        • Golisi S4 Battery Charger
          Golisi S4 Battery Charger $55.50 $38.50 SALE
        • Golisi S6 Battery Charger
          Golisi S6 Battery Charger $85.50 $54.50 SALE

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