Totally Minted

Totally Minted
Totally Minted e-liquid will blow you away with icy, menthol, mint flavours that freshen you up and cool you down. There's nothing but minty freshness in the Totally Minted range which includes flavours like mint, extra strong mint, peppermint, spearmint and even eucalyptus.
  • Totally Minted Straight Up Minted E-Liquid
    TOTALLY MINTED Straight Up Minted E-Liquid $37.50
  • Totally Minted Spearminted E-Liquid
    TOTALLY MINTED SpearMinted E-Liquid $37.50
  • Totally Minted Extra Strong Minted E-Liquid
    TOTALLY MINTED Extra Strong Minted E-Liquid $37.50
  • Totally Minted Pepperminted E-Liquid
    TOTALLY MINTED PepperMinted E-Liquid $37.50
  • Totally Minted Eucalyptusminted E-Liquid
    TOTALLY MINTED EucalyptusMinted E-Liquid $37.50
  • Totally Minted E-Liquid Sample Pack 2
    TOTALLY MINTED E-Liquid Sample Pack $18.00

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