Golisi O2 Battery Charger


$24.50 $35.00

THE GOLISI O2 EXTERNAL BATTERY CHARGER is a economical and practical two-bay charger that plugs directly into an Australian 240V wall socket.

The Golisi O2 is an intelligent charger that supports you efficiently and safely with your charging processes. A chip relieves you of almost all tasks and monitors the charging process, whereby both slots are addressed individually. When the battery is fully charged, the charging process is automatically terminated, with an LED display showing you the progress. The O2 charger is equipped with various safety features that make your charging process safer. A quick-charge slot is your slot when you need something fast. A power bank function gives you power for other devices on the go.
The intelligent chip, which was developed by Golisi themselves, and constantly accompanies you during your loading processes. It identifies the battery inserted in each slot and automatically adjusts the charging process according to the chemical composition and the performance data. You can charge different batteries in different slots at the same time. In addition, the chip monitors the entire charging process and adjusts parameters if there are any changes. In conjunction with the sensors, the temperature of the charger, for example, is constantly monitored. In addition, it has other security functions such as reverse polarity protection.
Golisi wants to make charging easy for you, the O2 charger also works according to this credo. It is intuitive to use and works without you having to read extensive instructions. It charges all cylindrical batteries with a length of 32-70mm, from the AA battery in your remote control to the large 26650 battery. Simply connect the charger to the mains, insert the battery and off you go. If you run out of power with your other electrical devices on the go, simply place two charged batteries in the O2 charger and use the USB port on the side. As a power bank e.g. to charge your mobile phone.
The Golisi O2 charger is designed to be your long term partner. A special choice of materials makes it particularly robust. In addition, these materials are selected for "flammability" so that they are particularly temperature-resistant. The load springs and their sliding mechanism have been developed to military standards and last for >100,000 insertions. The inner workings of the O2 charger correspond to a special arrangement so that individual components cannot "get in each other's way". In addition, the chip has been built in to be particularly protected against moisture.
The O2 charger was intensively tested by Hermes HanseControl and checked for our promises. The result is impressive - with a grade of 2.2 and the seal "suitable for use" the internationally recognized tester confirms that we are keeping our promises. In this context, the special focus of the test was placed on the areas of function and handling. A separate test section was also devoted to processing and durability.
  • Main Features & Specifications
    • Input voltage: AC 110 – 240 V | DC 12 V/1 A
    • Input frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Control: DV detection, ODV detection
    • Overall timing, high voltage test
    • Open circuit voltage: 5V
    • Automatic temperature monitoring
    • Military standard loading springs with >100,000 life
    • Safety protections:
      • Short circuit
      • Over voltage
      • Reverse polarity
    • Housing material: PC/ABS, flame retardant
    • Operating temperatur: 0-40º C
    • Charging current options:
      • Li-ion: 2000 MA*1 or 1000 MA*2
      • Ni-mh and Ni-cd: 1000 MA*1 or 500 MA*2
    • Dimensions:
      • Height: 158mm
      • Width: 100mm
      • Thickness: 40mm
    • Weight: 228 g
    • Hanse Hermes Control, CE, FCC, EMC Test, UL Test
    • 99.9% of the packaging is made from recyclable materials

        •  General Battery Safety

        Battery safety is very important. Mistreated batteries can get extremely hot and/or vent which could cause injury. Always follow the following rules to make sure this doesn't happen. We are not liable for mistreated batteries.

        • Never completely discharge batteries (below 2.5V under load or 3V unloaded)
        • Charge fully (to 4.2V) before first use
        • Never use a lot of force on the battery to install
        • Use only high quality battery chargers
        • Do not expose to heat
        • Do not connect the positive contact to the negative contact without an appropriate load
        • Be mindful of the current limits in the specification and never exceed them
        • Never keep spare battery or batteries loose in or near;
          • Pocket etc
          • Purse etc
          • Vehicle glovebox or console compartment, in fact never in a vehicle
          • Direct sunlight
          • Machinery
          • Fire or heat sources
        • If storing batteries short or long term, use these guidelines
          • Use a battery model specific protective case
          • Use a cool & dry environment
          • Don not store fully charged, approximately 3.6~3.7V is best
        • Never try to charge or discharge li-ion batteries with battery chargers that are not made for Li-ion batteries
        • Never charge battery 4.3V or above
        • Do not charge unattended
        • Do not store your li-ion batteries fully charged for an extended period of time (weeks or more).

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